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The best way to sell a business is to let the professional team help you. We advise middle market business owners to create attractive, exit ready companies that sell for maximum value, creating wealth and legacies that last for generations.

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Companies With $10M+ Million In Revenue

Mergers & Acquisitions

Maximize your enterprise value and minimize your worry when you sell a business with an experienced M&A advisor.

sell a business, exit strategy

Exit Strategy

Own your exit with a sound exit strategy, or else the exit will own you.

Post-Sale Strategy

After you sell a business, turn your enterprise value into life value, so your wealth and legacy will last for generations to come.

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Reinventing Mergers & Acquisitions

We seek to reinvent M&A services. Our M&A advisors have heard time and time again how clients sought the help of other advisors, and their information was merely thrown on the internet in hopes of finding a buyer.

Even the successful sellers often have two concerns at closing:
1. They feel like they know so much more by the end of the sale process, and if they'd only known it back at the beginning, they would have had a faster and more lucrative exit.
2. They feel ill prepared for the next phase of life.

We are changing the way businesses are sold.

Every one of our clients is coached on proper exit planning techniques so that their business is in prime shape for sale. Our experienced M&A advisors will help the Client to navigate the sale process, and our exit planning advisors continue to make sure the company performs through the sale process. Our combined M&A and exit planning approach is designed to maximize enterprise value and improve value builder systems for our Clients at exit. It's what makes us different.

75% Of Business Owners Regret Selling After Only One Year
Because They Didn't Achieve The Sale They Needed.

Would it surprise you to know as many as 90% of all M&A deals taken to market fail to close? Worse, the majority of these businesses stay on the market tied to a contract preventing them from pursuing other buyers or opportunities.

Among the lucky 10% who sell, 75% of them aren't happy about it a year later. This is due to bad deal making, poor presentation and lack of proper exit planning. Had this been done the right way, with the right team, business owners would have seen an increase in the value of the company to interested buyers, at the right time, for the right buyer.

Most business owners don't achieve their goals
because they don't hire the right team.
The solution is simple: When you’re about to sell a business, look for the right team first.
That's Where We Come In.

sell a business with final ascent - who we are


We are your trusted exit authority™ and one of the leading mergers & acquisitions firms serving middle-market businesses with revenue in excess of $10M. Our team has over 25 years experience in the M&A, exit planning, and wealth preservation industries. We aren't your average run of the mill business brokerage - our team actually has experience in the areas we serve.

sell a business with final ascent - who we help

Who We Help

At Final Ascent, we focus on providing mid-market M&A advisory services. Although we have experience above and below, most clients we help sell their businesses in the range of $10 million to $150 million. By working with one of our trusted exit planning advisors, clients know that they have maximized the value they can achieve when trying to sell.

sell a business with final ascent - why choose us

Why Choose Us

Choosing the wrong advisor could cost you valuable time, resources, and money in a less than efficient exit. We have earned the business of countless business owners who picked the wrong representative and spent a year or more trying unsuccessfully to sell their company. Our solutions get results because we are there every step of the way.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Done Differently.
Sell A Business With US

At Final Ascent, we are your trusted exit authority. We advise middle market business owners to create exit ready companies that attract buyers and sell for maximum value, creating wealth and a lasting legacy for generations.

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Sell Your Business The Right Way
The First Time.

With decades of experience servicing lower middle-market companies, we understand that no two businesses are the same.

Even more importantly, no two business owners share the same personal goals. Companies that are worth $10MM+ are often complex entities that need proper planning and preparation before executing an appropriate exit strategy. When business owners seek answers, they often find small business brokerage firms that lead with a one-size-fits-all marketing approach.

Our Process Focuses On The Business Owner,
The Business, And The Sale Of The Business.

sell a business, focus on the business owner

The Business Owner

We focus on the business owner to understand their goals throughout the sale process and after the sale, to make sure that the transaction is built to meet those goals.

sell a business, focus on the business

The Business

We focus on the business, because we want it to be attractive to a buyer at the time we market it, and also, the business owner may get distracted away from running the business through the sale process. We always say focus on running your business, let us build the attention.

sell a business, focus on the sale

The Sale Of The Business

We focus on the sale to achieve maximum price with a buyer who will actually be able to close the transaction and finance the right deal that benefits our business owner.

Initial Valuation & Assessment
Initial Valuation & Assessment

Learning about you, your goals, and your business to determine an initial valuation starting point.

Strategy Mapping
Strategy Mapping

Developing goals depending upon the state of your business, goals, and valuation.

Discovery & Planning
Discovery & Planning

Recasting financials, prepping initial memorandums, & analyzing risks.

Go To Market
Go To Market

We target qualified buyers & build competitive interest in your business.

Secure Buyer Conversations
Secure Buyer Conversations

We build interest in your business while maintaining 100% confidentiality.

Negotiating & Closing
Negotiating & Closing

We facilitate to get you the highest price possible & assist with closing.

Start off right with a valuation.

The first step to selling your business is understanding what it is worth today, to build more value for tomorrow.

Our online valuation tool is fast & free and you will receive a report that can show you:

- What your business may be worth now
- What your business could be worth in a year
- How we can get there together.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Steve Conwell, CVB, MS

Chief Executive Officer

Jude David, JD, DCL, MBA

Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Chase Kenner, CFP®

Vice President, Business Development

Our success as a premier mergers & acquisitions firm is solely determined by the results we achieve for our clients.
These are just some of our mergers & acquisitions, exit planning, & wealth management testimonials.

Client Testimonials

"Final Ascent was an key part of building our benefits business so that it would be viewed, structured, & validated towards either succession or acquired. By far the best hands-on coaching Michelle and I could have asked for. No fluff. Final Ascent worked hard for us. We are focused in our new company and are building it “right” from the beginning. All because of their insight."
Business Owner

“I found the Final Ascent assessment to be extremely easy for me to take, and the information and feedback it gave me was worth many times more than the fifteen or so minutes I spent taking it. The feedback from our consultation meeting validated many things I thought I knew and opened my eyes to many things I had not thought about. I am already working on implementation of a couple of recommendations you made! I cannot thank you enough!”

David Kurtz
Owner & CPA, Kurtz & Company

“It’s been great working with Final Ascent! I don’t know what I would have done without your team’s help and support in growing our business value by 2x in less than a year and preparing our business for sale!”

Saudia Davis
CEO, Greenhouse Eco Cleaning

“Working with Final Ascent has been extremely valuable for our business. The team’s financial and business growth expertise has been incredibly helpful in helping us prepare to sell as well as the launch of a new business. They’ve also built us a roadmap to 10x our business, which has been invaluable in helping us achieve our growth goals and the value of our company. We look forward to working with Final Ascent on our next venture.”

Doug Roberts
CEO, Solution Benefits, Inc. & Wrenchbox

Hear From One Of Our Success Stories.

Each path we create is tailored to what our client's need. Whether an owner needs to maximize enterprise value and efficiencies for a future exit, find the right buyer, financially prepare for life beyond the business, or all of the above, Final Ascent has the tools and expertise to make it happen.

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