5-Phase, Reach your PEAK℠ System

We’ve built our 5-phase Reach Your PEAK℠ System with small business owners in mind, maximizing efficiency in an easy to implement, step-by-step formula for success. This system is designed to obtain the maximum value for your business.

Assessment & Discovery

Base Camp

To prepare your business for sale, you have to know where you are and where you need to go. In this phase, you will take our 13-minute assessment, which gives you a value score on a 1 to 100 scale. Businesses that score an 80 or above have been proven to sell for 71% more than businesses below that score. We will review the assessment results with you and develop action items on eight key value drivers, helping you prepare for your final ascent.

Planning & Setup

First Climb

Getting off to a good start is essential in any endeavor, and what gets planned gets done.  It is vital to layout a road map for success and communicate that plan clearly so everyone is on the same page.  Level-setting expectations and preparing for the journey ahead sets you on the right path to reach your summit.

Prepare & Optimize

Second Leg

PEAK SYSTEM: Process, Extend, Accounting, Kinetics


We’ll evaluate and document processes for operating and scaling your business. This gives buyers confidence that they can scale your business without depending on the owner.

  • Operating/employee manuals
  • Policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions
  • Organizational charts


Using The Value Builder SystemTM, we navigate a series of modules and exercises designed to get your organization “built to sell” and increase the value of your business.  We address customer net promoter scores, organizational scale, new products/services/markets, and more.


We will assess your accounting records and clean them up, unleashing the power of your financials. We will implement cash flow forecasting and a financial management reporting system with scoreboards, key metric analysis, and industry benchmarking.


We will perform a sales and marketing strategy and plan review, providing coaching to build momentum. We will evaluate sales commission models, identify cost-saving and margin improvement opportunities, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Due Diligence

Final Ascent

Buyers require an extensive amount of review and consideration. Preparing all of the documentation required to be ready (and packaged) to sell can be complex and, oftentimes, frustrating. Business owners must maintain momentum and keep their business on track to achieve their monthly and annual goals set forth in their projections.

Maintain & Sustain

The Summit

The biggest challenge, now, is maintaining your momentum. Meeting goals, exceeding your revenue and gross margin targets, keeping costs down, and more. It’s easy to lose focus at the top, which is why this phase is so vital.