Our story

We started Final Ascent because it was clear that folks in the lower middle market were getting a raw deal – taken advantage of by those profiting from their inexperience and roping them into predatory contracts. The team at Final Ascent have all built and sold our own businesses so we know how frustrating it can be. Now, we’ve got decades of experience under our belts, allowing us to guide you through this journey. We also want to do everything in our power to ensure our clients that we’ve got their best interest at heart. That’s why we started our success-based business model. At Final Ascent, clients are our top priority – if they don’t win, we don’t win.


At Final Ascent, we want to empower and guide business owners in the underserved lower-middle market. We recognize the challenges faced by these entrepreneurs. They have dedicated decades building their companies only to face the complex, unfamiliar terrain of selling. As business owners who’ve been in their shoes, we want to help. Our mission is to be a guiding light for these business owners, offering unparalleled support and expertise throughout every step of their selling journey, ensuring they navigate this process confidently and successfully.

Our Process

Final Ascent’s seasoned advisors have decades of experience guiding clients through the intricate sale process. We understand what it’s like to be a business owner at that final sale, wishing we had known more beforehand and feeling uncertain about what follows. That’s why we make sure our team is there to guide you every step of the way. We know the financial and emotional stakes are high when selling your business and we do everything we can to make sure you feel good about your sale and the future ahead.


Our Leadership team

Our leadership team embodies a diverse blend of backgrounds, each contributing unique insights that benefit our clients. Our team collectively offers a well-rounded perspective, enriching our advisory services with a wide spectrum of expertise. What unites us is our shared firsthand experience in building and selling companies. Having walked the path ourselves, we understand the challenges, uncertainties, and intricacies in exiting your business. Together, our team ensures our clients receive seasoned advice and support tailored to their unique circumstances.

Steve Conwell, MS, CVB

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Conwell is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years of business advisory and financial consulting experience. Steve is passionate about helping business owners creatively tackle their biggest challenges and successfully grow their businesses. Throughout his career, he leveraged public accounting, internal audit and controls experience with Fortune 500 and middle market companies, always returning to his entrepreneurial roots.

Jude David, JD, DCL, MBA

Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Jude David is Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions with Final Ascent. As a Louisiana native turned corporate attorney and investment banker, he is a passionate about helping business owners achieve organic growth while also strategically planning for an exit. His specialty is the art of the acquisition, focusing on finding the right buyer, negotiating a deal that creates maximum value for everyone involved, and setting business owners up for a lifetime of success after the sale.

Chase Kenner, CFP®

Vice President, Market Strategy

Chase is Vice President, Market Strategy at Final Ascent. When the time is right, Chase helps mid-market business owners find a buyer for their business. He does this by creating a confidential and competitive bid process made up of both strategic and financial buyers. Having 12 years of experience in the Wealth Management industry, Chase is passionate about understanding the goals of his clients so that the sales process is executed intentionally and the final deal terms align with the goals of his clients.

Scott Shea

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor

Scott Shea heads up Final Ascent’s lower middle-market division, representing clients with revenues below $10M. Scott strives to bring creative ideas to historically boring and analytical processes and ultimately work with clients to maximize their potential. He hopes to utilize his experiences, both the good and the bad, to guide business owners towards successful exits.

Chelsea Craig

Client Support Manager

Chelsea Craig is the Client Support Manager at Final Ascent, handling initial intake and supporting clients and their advisors on the expedition to each business owner’s unique exit. Beginning her career in the U.S. Army, Chelsea seamlessly transitioned into the realm of Sales and Support Management following her service in the Armed Forces. For more than a decade, Chelsea has diligently dedicated herself to supporting business owners, deeply comprehending the immense dedication and sacrifices necessary for cultivating success.

Mark Halma

M&A Advisor

Mark Halma is a mergers and acquisitions advisor at Final Ascent where he passionately leverages his M&A experience across multiple industries to create successful outcomes for his clients. Treating his clients with care, attention to detail, and compassion, Mark is able to expertly guide business owners through the complex journey of selling their business. Mark is a third-generation entrepreneur who understands the emotional and physical energy that business owners endure and is relentless about ensuring clients get back what they put in during an exit.