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What attracts business buyers

How To Attract Buyers For Your Business

When we talk to business owners who are ready to sell their business, we spend a lot of time reframing their view. There’s a big difference between being an entrepreneur who’s built a business, and the same business owner who’s decided to sell their company. We talk about looking at their business from the buyer’s […]

Business Growth Strategy

Steps For A Successful Growth Strategy

Entrepreneurs spend years building their businesses, growing and expanding to meet the needs and demands of their customers, managing a P&L and carrying the weight of their employee’s payroll and benefits.  It’s an honorable calling.  Many business owners dream of the day when they are rewarded for their hard work and efforts, selling their business […]

traps to avoid when selling business

4 Traps To Avoid When Selling Your Company

Business owners have been known to refer to due diligence as “the entrepreneur’s proctology exam.” It’s a crude analogy but a good representation of what it feels like when a stranger pokes, prods, and looks inside every inch of your business.  Most professional acquirers will have a checklist of questions they need answered if they’re considering […]

Maximizing Business Value is Like a Marathon

Selling Your Business is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

On this marathon training journey, after my finishing the Oklahoma City Marathon on April 28th 2019, I got to reflecting on the last 12-months, in business and life. Particularly the lessons I’ve learned during our many training runs that parallel success in preparing your company for sale, maximizing business value and selling your company for [...]