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We aim to be trusted advisors to our clients for the long term. Even if a company is years away from contemplating a transaction, we believe that it is never too early to start thinking about exit strategy solutions.

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Exit Strategy Plans

Through our Reach Your Peak Exit Planning Process and subsequent plan, we work with company shareholders to help address areas of your business that can build a value builder system and make your business more attractive to buyers.

a different approach to exit strategy solutions
A Different Approach to Exit Strategy Solutions

Our authentic approach to exit strategy solutions involves strategically optimizing areas of your business that bridge the gap between what your business is worth today versus what you need to sell it for to retire.

"Final Ascent was an key part of building our benefits business so that it would be viewed, structured, & validated towards either succession or acquired. By far the best hands-on coaching Michelle and I could have asked for. No fluff. Final Ascent worked hard for us. We are focused in our new company and are building it “right” from the beginning. All because of their insight."
Doug Roberts
Business Owner

Client Success Story:
Bickimer Electric

Bickimer Electric is one of our favorite success stories. Their business was in need of exit planning and management consulting services. Hear straight from Mike Bickimer what it was like working with the Final Ascent Team.

exit planning the right way.
The first time.

Our Exit Planning advisors will work with you to enhance the value of your business to ensure a successful business transition. By utilizing an exit planning strategy, you will increase your business' marketability and value.

75 %
Increase In value
85 %
Liklihood Of Selling
100 %

Developing Exit Strategy Solutions Can Be The Best Decision You Make

As a business owner you face one inescapable fact: at some point in time, you will leave your business - either by choice or force of circumstance. The crucial question is whether the process will leave you wealthy and satisfied or disappointed and regretful.

exit strategy solutions, business succession planning

Exit And Succession Strategy

Often referred to as business succession planning, exit planning is the development of a strategy and a roadmap that enables the business owner to maximize value and leave their business on their own terms.
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You Wouldn't Build A House Without A Plan

Preparing your business for sale can be a hectic affair, perhaps triggered by an unplanned event and constrained by time. This typically leads to many unpleasant tradeoffs and a result that falls far short of the owner’s objectives. The alternative is a systematic approach initiated 3-10 years in advance and driven entirely by your personal exit objectives. This is the approach we can help you with.
when to start looking for exit strategy solutions

The short answer: three to ten years before your planned exit.

The earlier you start planning, the higher the likelihood that you will meet all of your objectives and leave your business on your terms and on your schedule. One of the key ingredients to a successful Exit Plan is time. Depending upon many factors such as your objectives, your priorities, the current condition and value of your business, your estate plan, and your non-business assets, there may be changes that have to take place before your exit that require years to implement.
the right team for exit strategy solutions

It takes a team to get you to the finish.

The planning process is lead by an expert advisor who has specialized training for this purpose. Additionally, your existing advisors such as your attorney, CPA, and financial advisor may be asked to participate at some level depending on the type of plan to be created. It is important to get the input of your current trusted advisors if they already have a deep understanding of your situation. Your Final Ascent advisor facilitates and manages the project and coordinates the efforts of your other advisors to avoid any duplication of effort.

Create A Lasting Legacy.

We advice middle market business owners to create exit ready companies that attract buyers and sell for maximum value, creating wealth and a lasting legacy for generation

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We Are Changing How Businesses Are Sold

Final Ascent is changing the way that businesses are sold by aggressively focusing on the needs of mid market business owners. Our advisors have decades of experience advising clients through the business sale process, and we've learned that business owners get to the date of the sale and consistently say two things::

(1) if I knew back then what I know now, I would have done it differently; and
(2) I've reached the finish line, but now I don't know what to do.

Success Through Experience

The industry has done a disservice to these clients, because high powered advisors choose to only focus on the sale, thereby ignoring the needs of business owners both before and afterwards.

Why? Simple--for the advisor, the sale is the most profitable part of the exit process. For the business owner, only focusing on the sale is treacherous.

exit strategy solutions with dedicated professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Clients at Final Ascent receive a team of advisors experienced in everything a business owner needs when exiting. Our exit strategy solutions will help the business owner to get their company "built to sell." An M&A Advisor will market the company in a competitive format to reach the highest value. And a Wealth Planner will help to transform the value builder system into personal life value.

Together, this team will safely guide clients through the final ascent, to build the most sellable business, the most attractive exit, and wealth that will secure families for generations to come.

Why Do You Need Exit planning.
For Your Business?

Less Than 10% Of Businesses Are Ready To Sell For What The Owner Expects.

At some point, every business owner will leave their business. For most business owners, this is a once in a lifetime event. It’s critically important because the average business owner has 50-90% of their net worth tied up in their business. Most businesses are not saleable today for what the business owner expects.

Solid Exit Strategy Solutions Involve Maximizing The Value Of Your Business.

Exit planning is the development of a strategy and a roadmap that enables the business owner to maximize value and leave their business on their own terms. Less Than 5% of business owners sell their business when and how they want to. Exit planning ensures the owner gets maximum value.

Our 5-Phase Reach Your Peak Exit Plan System.

Accelerate your future.

Our Exit Planning advisors will work with you to enhance the value of your business to ensure a successful business transition. By utilizing an exit planning strategy, you will increase your business' marketability and value.

Assessment & Discovery
Assessment & Discovery

To prepare your business for sale, you have to know where you are and where you need to go. In this phase, you will take our 13-minute assessment, which gives you a value score on a 1 to 100 scale. Businesses that score an 80 or above have been proven to sell for 71% more than businesses below that score. We will review the assessment results with you and develop action items on eight key value drivers, helping you prepare for your final ascent.

Planning & Setup
Planning & Setup

Getting off to a good start is essential in any endeavor, and what gets planned gets done. It is vital to layout a road map for success and communicate that plan clearly so everyone is on the same page. Level-setting expectations and preparing for the journey ahead sets you on the right path to reach your summit.

Prepare & Optimize
Prepare & Optimize

We’ll evaluate and document processes for operating and scaling your business. This gives buyers confidence that they can scale your business without depending on the owner. Using the value builder system, we navigate a series of modules and exercises designed to get your organization “built to sell” and increase the value of your business. We address customer net promoter score, organizational scale, new products/services/markets, and more.

Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Buyers require an extensive amount of review and consideration. Preparing all of the documentation required to be ready (and packaged) to sell a business can be complex and, oftentimes, frustrating. Business owners must maintain momentum and keep their business on track to achieve their monthly and annual goals set forth in their projections. We will assess your accounting records and clean them up, unleashing the power of your financials. We will implement cash flow forecasting and a financial management reporting system with scoreboards, key metric analysis, and industry benchmarking.

Maintain & Sustain
Maintain & Sustain

The biggest challenge, now, is maintaining your momentum. Meeting goals, exceeding your revenue and gross margin targets, keeping costs down, and more. It’s easy to lose focus at the top, which is why this phase is so vital.

Forward Drive
Forward Drive

After All 5 Phases, You Are Well On Your Way To A Successful Future, Next Venture, Or Retirement.

Final Ascent's Exit Planning Mission

Our team has decades of experience in starting, building, growing, and selling businesses.
Using our proven value building system, we achieve these goals.

Maximize Your Transferrable Value

Ensure Personal Financial Readiness

Plan What's Next Following The Sale

Trusted by hundreds of business owners

We've worked with hundreds of business owners to build value into their businesses, sell their businesses and ensure their legacy lasts through retirement and beyond.

David Kurtz

Owner & CPA, Kurtz & Company, P.C.

"I found the Final Ascent assessment to be extremely easy for me to take, and the information and feedback it gave me was worth many times more than the fifteen or so minutes I spent taking it. The feedback from our consultation meeting validated many things I thought I knew and opened my eyes to many things I had not thought about. I am already working on implementation of a couple of recommendations you made! I cannot thank you enough!"

Saudia Davis

CEO, Greenhouse Eco Cleaning

“It’s been great working with Final Ascent! I don’t know what I would have done without your team’s help and support in growing our business value by 2x in less than a year and preparing our business for sale!”

Doug Roberts

CEO & President, Solution Benefits, Inc. & WrenchBox

“Working with Final Ascent has been extremely valuable for our business. The team’s financial and business growth expertise has been incredibly helpful in helping us prepare to sell as well as the launch of a new business. They’ve also built us a roadmap to 10x our business, which has been invaluable in helping us achieve our growth goals and the value of our company. We look forward to working with Final Ascent on our next venture.”

Why Work With Final Ascent?
Your Business Must Be Attractive to Investors.

After analyzing more than 30,000 businesses, companies with a Value Builder Score of 80 or more received offers that are 71% higher than the average business. Working side-by-side with you, we will help you improve the value of your company.


If our system didn't work, we wouldn't offer it! We are selective, however the businesses we work with achieve success in a relatively short amount of time.


You don't spend decades in an industry and not develop strong connections. We have dedicated buyers, investors, and industry partners that can accelerate your exit.


It's important to work with people that you like to work with. Our team is professional, courteous and above all: honest. If it doesn't benefit you as the client, we won't even talk about it.


We Are Your Trusted Exit Authority™


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