Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Final Ascent

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I want my business to leave a legacy; will it fade away under new ownership?

Leaving a legacy behind for your kids and future generations is important for many business owners, and there are many ways to do that. Many business owners want to ensure that several generations of their family are set for life, and this can be enabled by establishing a family trust that owns the proceeds of the purchase, with trusts set up for family members with disbursement rules established that safeguard the principle. Others want to ensure their business name lives on post-sale as a reminder of the many years of hard work, established brand loyalty and consumer trust they’ve built. A lasting legacy remains a source of pride for business owners, and we work hand-in- hand with you to secure that achievement.

Do I really NEED to expend time and resources on the details to sell my business?
I don’t see the benefit of “accrual” financials or “clean” books to sell my business. I’ve built my business on gut and intuition, and I’m an expert in making decisions for my business.
Why is showing that I have a handle on managing cash so important?
I’ve heard from other business owners that “getting your business ready for sale” is a waste of time, and they wouldn’t get any value working with a firm like yours. What’s different about your company?

We know you’re concerned with time, spending money, wasting energy and more. You’ve probably worked with consulting firms in the past who’ve given you a flashy presentation, maybe even some process flows and other leave behinds that 3 months later are gathering dust. We get it, seriously, because we’ve done the same thing and learned our lessons and trusted our guts when partnering with less than stellar service firms. It’s why our firm is different from the rest.

How do I know you can sell my business if it meets your criteria?
My business broker is asking for 5 years of historical financials and 3 years of projections. We’ve never done that in the past and ran our business just fine. Why is this important?

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