On Acquisitions and Exits – A Podcast From Final Ascent


On Acquisitions and Exits – Jude David explains the optimal ways to sell your business successfully

From: The Deal Scout Podcast

Jude David, JD, DCL, MBA

Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Jude David is Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions with Final Ascent. As a Louisiana native turned corporate attorney and investment banker, he is passionate about helping business owners achieve organic growth while also strategically planning for an exit. His specialty is the art of acquisition, focusing on finding the right buyer, negotiating a deal that creates maximum value for everyone involved, and setting business owners up for a lifetime of success after the sale.

People can always find me through our website, FinalAscent.com.

LinkedIn works as well. Or they can email me directly, jdavid@finalascent.com.

See Jude’s profile by clicking here: Jude David.

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