Thank You!

Thank You!

Your business fits middle market and is the type we would love to work with.

Your business fits middle market and is the type we would love to work with.

We can't wait to get started on your valuation.
We need a little more information in order to help you understand what makes your business valuable as well as possible next steps you can take along the journey of selling your business for maximum value.

You'll learn what your business is worth and solid next steps to sell your business.

Middle Market Value Is Different.

You built a middle market business that generates millions in revenue and profits. If you aren’t a multi-millionaire now, you will be after selling your business.

Valuation calculators and tools are great for businesses that gross less than $5 Million per year. 

For businesses like yours that gross over $5 Million per year, it is paramount to have an experienced analyst capable of valuing middle market businesses.

Our team is ready to help you as well as get you to the next step, even if that means you aren’t ready to sell your business yet.

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“Final Ascent helped us understand the implications of many aspects of selling our business.”

"Working with Final Ascent helped us build a roadmap to triple our valuation and sell our business for more than what we though possible. They were more than professional and knowledgeable."
Doug Roberts

Let's Get Some Answers Regarding Your Middle Market Business Exit.

This past year has had its share of difficulties and changes in policies regarding selling a business. Don't let this leave you with unanswered questions that could keep you from making the right decision leading to the biggest payday of your life.

How Are PPP And COVID Loans Treated In A Business Sale?

We get this question a lot considering that over 2+ million businesses participated in the programs. Should you pay them off first? Are they transferrable? Are they still forgivable after the sale?

How Are The Proceeds From The Sale Taxed?

New administrations always bring new rules and this one is no different. Can the capital gains tax affect your profits? How can you pay less taxes when selling? Should you wait to sell until after Biden leaves? We can answer all of these questions about your business specifically.

Can You Retire After Selling Your Business?

For most middle market business owners, the sale of their business is the single highest earning event in their lives. However, questions about ensuring their proceeds last throughout retirement and leave a legacy for their families often keep them from moving forward. We can help you retire and ensure your wealth will last as long as possible.

How Can You Exit Your Business For The Most Amount Possible?

You aren’t selling a small business, which means you need a team on your side with experience in the middle market world. Getting the most amount possible for your business is our number one goal and we have a proven process to get you there.